California FAIR Plan Association new discounts!

Effective today two new discounts are available for California FAIR Plan Association dwelling fire policies.  Details are below –

There are two Wildfire Hardening discounts available: one for Protecting the Structure and another for Protecting the Immediate Surroundings of the dwelling. When applied, these discounts will reduce the wildfire portion of the policy’s premium by 10% and 5%, respectively. These discounts can be obtained separately or together; policyholders do not need to qualify for one discount to qualify for the other. If a policyholder is eligible for both discounts, the total discount will be approximately 14.5% because the second discount is applied to the wildfire premium after the first discount is applied. In order to qualify for these discounts, the insured property must meet the following qualifications. All policies which receive the discounts will be inspected to confirm their eligibility and the discount(s) may be removed if the inspection reveals the property does not qualify.

For the Wildfire Hardening – Protecting the Structure Discount, the property must meet all of the following qualifications:

• The dwelling must have a Class-A Fire Rated Roof (meaning composition shingle, stone, concrete or clay tile, or metal)

• 6 inches at the bottom of all exterior walls must be made of non-combustible material

• Vents must be ember and fire-resistant (wire mesh covering)

• Windows must be double-paned

• Eaves must be enclosed

For the Wildfire Hardening – Protecting the Immediate Surroundings Discount, the property must meet all of the following qualifications:

• Vegetation and debris must be cleared from under decks

• There must be an ember-resistant zone maintained within five feet of the home

• There must be no combustible sheds or outbuildings within 30 feet of the dwelling

• Defensible space must be maintained, including trimming trees, clearing of brush, and removing debris from yard (including trimming trees, removal of brush and debris from yard, in compliance with California Public Resources Code 4291).